Selected Programs and Code Repositories

Metriplectic-POD-ROM An example-focused Jupyter notebook implementation of our metriplectic POD-ROM algorithm.

Data-Driven-ROM A (mostly clean) Python implementation of our autoencoder-based ROMs. Also includes POD-ROM code for the 1-D inviscid Burger’s equation and the 2-D unsteady Navier-Stokes equations.

New-NLL A clean Python implementation of our modified NLL algorithm.

Quasiconformal Remeshing A messy research implementation of our quasiconformal remeshing algorithm.

p-Willmore Flow A messy research implementation of our p-Willmore flow algorithm.

Active Manifolds Python code necessary to run the Active Manifolds algorithm. A collection of Python programs which computes finite difference solutions to the 1-D inviscid Burgers’ equation, along with their sensitivities to various quantities of interest.

AM Examples A Jupyter notebook outlining some basic applications of Active Manifolds. Requires the “Active Manifolds” code above and an installation of Active Subspaces to run the notebook locally.